Project Name                    Psychosocial Support and wellbeing

Start date                           01/12/2018

End date                             30/06/2019

Project duration                7 Month

Location                             Erbil and Duhok


This project will Provide 4 PSS awareness workshop 2 in Erbil and 2 in Duhok, each workshop has 60 students per governorate will be divided into 2 groups of 30 students during the 7month the lifetime of the projects.
The first workshop will be the general information on the raise awareness and the second workshop will go dipper into PSS awareness and how to raise PSS awareness and how to deal with PSS awareness.

The outcome of the Project:

Enhanced capacity of the 120 high educated Syrian Refugees student among Spark student by providing the PSS awareness workshop to teach the student how to raise awareness and support them to change the situation of their life.
Enhanced capacity of the high educated institute and Spark staff by providing the PSS awareness workshop to develop their capacity to identify the cases.