PHRD targets the IDP, Refugee and Host Communities.


Work with others to help Iraq to be a secure country from wars and conflicts; combat poverty, ignorance, empower and sensitize communities.


For the purpose of achieving our vision we work with others to unify and diversify resources in order to:

• Work to respond to arising emergencies, disasters, and unusual events.  

• Work to reduce conflicts and disputes by spreading concepts of forgiveness, reconciliation, and acceptance of others.

• Work to combat ignorance by strengthening and sensitizing local communities and raising social awareness for all groups of society.

Our work for the purpose of achieving the goals

• Work to reduce the impact of emergency and disaster risks by responding to unusual events.

• Work to reduce the impact of conflicts and disputes by raising awareness to resolve disputes and differences and disseminate the concepts of tolerance and acceptance of the other.

• Work to enhance the empowering, capacity building, and awareness of communities through social awareness and sustainable projects.